Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm a blogging failure.

I'm officially the worst. But here are some other blogs (of the other two lovely people pictured above) to look at to follow my activities here in London until I get my butt in gear and post some pictees and storees.
Sorry that I'm the worst.

Much of my reluctance comes from the fact that my hair is in the most awkward state it's EVER been in. Ever. Also horrendously coinciding with the most pictures being taken of me ever in my life ever. Wonderful.

Here are some pictures to tide you over! (Like you care...)

Me and a GIANT fetus in a simulated Womb Room at the Natural History museum. Sick.

Enjoying my first ever official English fish and chips (I was very specific about where it came from. It had to be a hole in the wall, purely fish and chips place.) Also, check out the "healthiest meal for all the family" on the bag...I'm so sure.
Being a groundling at the globe!
Frolicking at Kew Gardens!
Me and Andie in front of the London Eye!
Me and Richie and Andie (The other blog owners! Seriously, check them out) at the Globe!