Friday, November 5, 2010


So. I hate that I mostly only feel like blogging when I'm procrastinating something.
right now, it's finishing a geology term paper.
Yes. Geology. Term. Paper.
Why? Oh yes, I've been asking myself that too.
What's my topic? Oh no big deal.
It's just this bad-A sea-lizard.

Look at that guy. Terrifying right?
So now I know more about this late-cretaceous beastie than I ever would want to.
(If its size weren't terrifying enough, this guy has teeth on the ROOF of its mouth. There is no escape) that you're here....
I forgot what I was going to say.
Really though.
I had a good idea. And now it's gone.
This idea probably would have changed your life.
After reading this blog, you probably would have gone out into the world, gone on a 15-mile run, cooked an amazing 4 course meal and then made about 4 people fall in love with you.
Really though. I'm sure it was probably brilliant.
You probably would have helped a homeless man, sung an opera, made several matches for best friends, slapped Keira Knightley in the face, saved 3 orphans from a bear-shark, and then given a Tony-award winning performance.
Maybe these are just all things that I want to do.

But in the mean time, watch this video. My mom and I do. All the time.
It's my favorite.