Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Fever! and other thoughts.

Serious.  Seriously.  Spring Fever.  If I was it was as warm in Connecticut, it would be about time for my unspoken Spring tradition.  Instead of doing my homework in my bedroom, I migrate into the living room, open the door and the windows, let the sunshine and the breeze in, and either sit and daydream, fall asleep, or read a book.  Very little homework actually gets done.  Also, I would be listening to Billy Joel.  Billy Joel, while being the soundtrack of my life during all seasons, is especially springtime-y to me.  Don't ask me why (hardy har, Billy Joel joke).  However, if I really was back in Connecticut at this timeI would be enjoying a foot of snow, and frantically rehearsing for the musical going up this weekend.  Comparatively, this temporary and beautifully warm Utah weather, and much less stress is pretty darn nice.  And though I am going to need to make new Springtime traditions, Billy Joel will always mean Springtime to me.
Spring time in CT

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