Monday, October 25, 2010

Heidi's Daily Affirmation.

I took the idea from Emily. Whose blog I love.
She did this first
and probably better, but here goes.

You've probably seen this video.
She's pretty adorable right?
I love it. I also love that attitude.
This is the attitude that I have about my life at this very moment!

I can be a SHARK.
Now my whole life is great.
I can do anything good!
I like my school
I like my hair

I like my Scarletts!
I like my dads
]I like my play
I like my sisters
I like my whole house
I like my moms
I like my Kurts
I like my Senorita Eeeeeeeva Blancas
I like my church
I like my brothers

I like my
I like my roommates
I like my whole life!
My whole life is great
I can do anything good
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...
I can do anything good!



Mary Jane Smith said...

Fantastic, my amazing daughter!

Josh and Gloriana said...


Anonymous said...

You make me happy.