Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valumtime's Day.

Ok. So I'd just like to send a big, fat this song:

To this guy:
Yeah Kurt. I'm being sappy. Deal.

Don't be embarrassed. Ok?

He's unbelievable. I punch (typo, but it was funny, so I kept it) myself everyday to make sure I'm not dreaming that he's my wonderful, hilarious, loving, silly boyfriend and bestfriend.
He hates Valentine's day, but I don't care.
Happy Valumtime's, Dear.
Thanks for being better and more best than any boyfriend that I could possibly imagine.
Kurt, I know you're embarrassed. Sorry.
One more picture...can't help myself.


Jylare Smith said...


Kurt Russell Anderson said...

AWWWEEEEEEE! Sorry it took me so long to see that you did this dear! Im way embarrassed. Ugh. But thank you. Happy post vellimteens day!

Whit said...

Ya'll are kewt!!!!!!!!!!!