Sunday, January 25, 2009

random and pointless thoughts on a rainy/snowy/sleety day

Today is a really gross day.  My boots were wet through and my feet, beneath two pairs of socks were soaked and freezing all through church.  I think that my own personal hell would be one filled with muddy, freezing slush, rather than fire and brimstone.  (is that sacreligious?) Church was so wonderful though.  I really think that church meetings are getting better and better every week.  There always seems to be a theme for every meeting, and that theme always seems to correspond with exactly how I am feeling that week.  I really love inspiration like that.  It just really reinforces my feelings about my Heavenly Father, and how His hand is so clearly in my life at all times.
Here are some things that I like:
-The beginnings of seasons
I just really love the first days of seasons.  The first days are always the most exciting and the most beautiful.  The first days of summer, before it gets too hot.  The first days of winter, before the slush and grime takes over, and the cold just becomes annoying.  I guess I'm just way too  impatient (definitive) because a whole season just is too long for me.  Except for Fall, I could live in Fall all year round.  
-Being barefoot
I always have loved it and always will.  Since I was really little, I have always preferred bare feet to shoes, and definitely to socks.  Wearing just socks is really annoying and gross to me.  
My family has always had popcorn every sunday night since as long as I can remember.  It's a tradition.  We had this old yellow airpopper (RIP), which has since been replaced with a fancy new old fashioned "Whirlypop".  I will never say no to popcorn, but my heart really belongs to homemade, white, airpopped, buttered and salted popcorn.  This is a tradition that wi
ll definitely be passed on to my children.
-Playing pretend and dress-up
I played dress up until I was way too old.  In fact, I played dress up the other day!  I think this is a large part of why I want to become an actress.  Getting to dress up and pretend to be someone other than myself has always held a huge appeal for me.  I also play still play elaborate games of let's pretend in my head almost every day.  (don't tell anyone)

I had a cool memory and thought today during Sacrament meeting.   Something someone said in a talk triggered this memory of when I was 12 years old and watching The Fellowship of the Ring in the movie theatre with my family.  I tend to get very emoti
onally involved in movies, and was currently biting my thumbnail, completely stressed out about the plight of the fellowship.  My dad leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "It's okay, the good guys win in the end."
I think this totally applies to the knowledge that the Gospel has given us in our lives.  We know who's going to win in the end.  Good will eventually triumph over evil, even if it seems unlikely right now.  I just really like this though, and I feel like it's really comforting to understand.  Also it just seems like a no-brainer to be on the right side when that time comes.

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