Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Love love.

So goes a song that we belt out at the end of As You Like It (running through April 2nd, at BYU come and see!)

I love love, I love being in love, I don't care what it does to me!

Seriously though. I've become obsessed with love. Even more than I've already been my whole life. I think it's because we've entered into an age of voyeurism, where I can read love stories galore on facebook and blogs, and also because I've entered into an age where many people around me are falling, quite seriously, into love. It's all around me!

I've had a few opportunities to see some full blown romances that are swiftly, if not already turning into engagements and marriages, from their first budding moments. I feel privileged to have been able to see these beautiful stories for myself, and from such a close vantage point.

I'm hungry for How We Met stories, How We Fell In Love Stories, How We Decided To Get Married stories. Starving. I simply can't get enough. If I read your blog (and I do) and you've recently gotten married, engaged or have a relationship, you can bet your bottom dollar that #1 Tomorrow, there'll be sun and #2 that I've read, pored over and borderline stalked those entries. Multiple times. eesh. Maybe this post isn't such a good idea. I look at facebook wedding picture albums over and over again.

Side note: I'm not over-eager to get married myself, at this point in my life. Don't think I'm some crazycrazy BYU marriage starved 20 year old. (if you're one of those, or were at some point, no offense!)

I just think that love and marriage is such a miracle. The fact that two flawed and imperfect human beings can get it together and commit to each other for time and all eternity is quite the divine miracle. And I love it. I love looking at each of these love stories and how they came to be. Looking at the hiccups that happened along the way, or the way it all flawlessly fell into place, or some crazy mixture of the two is incredibly exciting and interesting to me. I'm also taking religion course at school about LDS marriage and family. It's awesome. It also feeds my need twice a week. Oh gosh. This is sounding worse and worse. But I guess I just wanted to say that I love love. I really do. Also if you've posted marriage-y and love-y things on your blog THANK YOU! And Sorry that I'm such a creepy creeper!

Item: As I wrote this
My roommate just rushed in
telling us that her boyfriend told
her that he loved for for the very
first time. I swear. It's all around.
These two beautiful people are a two of my bestest best friends who are engaged to be married in June!
I was able to the their relationship from the start.
I love it. And them.
Look how gorgeous and happy they are!


Whit said...

This is the cutest post ever! haha you are DARLING! Being in love is THE are so right!

Cutie said...

I love to hear the stories of life long love and marriages that have been going strong for 30plus years where the couples are still head over heels for each other. I can't wait for my 50th anniversary.

rebecca said...

your comment was not creepy at all! especially cause i recently read this post.. so i'd expect something like that from you. haha