Monday, March 8, 2010

A magical land

I discovered a magical land. Called Bed.
I love my bed. It's not the mot comfortable of mattresses.
And there's a very badly insulated window on the wall right next to it that runs the length of the bed. I've stuffed a sweatshirt along the bottom of it in an effort to block the icy breeze.

I can't say I've really just discovered it. I've always loved Bed. However, lately, I've wanted nothing more than to turn off my alarm in the morning, and cuddle up in my warmed-up blankets and go back to my bizarre morning dreams.

Sometimes when I realize I have to leave Bed, I weep a little weep.
Sunday, with my 12:45 church, I was able to linger. It was wonderful.

ALso, today was one of those mornings when the alarm goes off, and I had NO IDEA what it meant. Do you have those mornings? No idea what that sound is, what it means, where I am, or what I have to do. And then I realize I have to leave my cocoon, and the tears come.

I'm a champion sleeper-inner. If left alone, with no obligations, I can sleep until 3:30. However, I wouldn't recommend it. It leaves you feeling gross.
But sometimes, just sometimes, it's nice to stay in that magical land of horizontality, blankets, and no responsibilities.


Whit said...

God bless bed!

Cutie said...

I remember those days. Vaguely.

Ryan and Shannan Hoffman said...

Enjoy it now because when you get married and become a mom it will change and you will love it even more! :) It was good to see you a couple of weeks ago. Your haircut is really so cute.

anna said...

love this. miss you.