Thursday, June 24, 2010

I want.

Here are some things that I want.
(in no specific order)

-To learn to play the ukulele
-To like exercising
-My hair to grow out of this ridiculously and stubbornly awkward stage it's in right now. Pleasepleaseplease grow. I'm begging you.
-To be a nomad and travel around the world and waitress in tiny cafes and pubs.
-To visit all the small towns and villages in Ireland and the UK...and be a waitress in their tiny cafes and pubs.
-To find a couple of bathing suits that I am satisfied with and feel comfortable with myself in. (impossible)
-To have Cyd Charisse's legs.
-For Connecticut not to be so stinking humid.
-To be in a show. Right. Now.
-To see my niece.
-To see all the people that I love who are far away from me right now.
-To know how to use the "who" and "whom" rule correctly.
-To read and read and read books.
-To listen to Ingrid Michaelson for the rest of my life.
-To go to another Ingrid Michaelson concert.
-To have the food (let's face it, treats) I loved in London with me in America. Oh chocolate digestives, minstrels, fruit gums and galaxy are gone from me.
-To find some good new music. For free.
-To be able to wear my contacts again without my eyeballs freaking out.
-To have the patience to learn to sew better.
-To be a dancer.
-To sing.
-To see into my future.


Anonymous said...

Oh I miss you! Scarlett needs to see you too. And ps: there is a store here that sells all the good stuff: digestives, galaxy bars, etc.

Jenny said...

Come to Seattle--it ain't humid here...though not so hot these days. 70's was the high this week... we miss you, Annie says hi!