Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Connecticut Challenge.

I'm giving myself a challenge!

So I'll be back home in the good ol' Connecticut for about a month and a half, with no plans, no job and much, much free time. This is exciting. For a lounge monkey like me, I like to lay around with nothing in particular to do. However, when the nothingness goes on too long, I tend to go into a depression. I think that a month and a half is a good amount of nothing. So I have given myself a challenge to fill up some time. I think it's a good opportunity to work on improving myself. I have three areas of improvement that I will be working on: physical, mental and spiritual. I will put this challenge on my blog so I will feel like I have a little bit of accountability. But really, I don't think anyone reads it, so it'll just be all in my head. But hey, I'm a big sucker for the placebo effect, so let's get going!
I'm setting goals to:
-Go running 4 times a week. I hate running. But I know how good it is for you. I need to get myself in shape, as my endurance right now is about zero.
-Be able to run at least 3 miles at a time. I know for some of you serious joggers, 3 miles is easy-peasy. But right now, for me, one mile is almost too much. So that'll be something to work on.
-Do ab work/crunches/pilates type things 5 times a week. My crazy intense modern dance teacher from fall semester instilled in me this borderline masochistic love of doing ab exercises until I'm about to die. But I need to get back into the habit.
-Eat HEALTHY. London habits, go away.
-Finish the Book of Mormon. And really read it. I've read it once a year since I was eleven, but I need to really read it. With pen in hand. With my heart and mind open.
-Read at least one religious book.
-Read the Brothers Karamazov. I need to be better read.

I guess this is kind of ambitious. I don't know, is it? I'm not a very ambitious or driven person. And that's why I need things like this. I also need to cut down on my internet time. Gosh dangit the computer is such a lovely time sucker.

P.S. To those 9 followers of mine, thank you. I don't even know if you're still following, but thanks anyway!
P.P.S. Like the new background? Autumn. Always.


Michal said...

my love, this is the most ambitious list i've ever read.
i also hate-ate-ate to run, and one mile drains the life out of me. I'm, too, trying to run a few times a week. People see how little distance I go, and they always say "that's okay- you've got to start some where!" I'm like thanks idiot I've been trying to do this running thing for A YEAR.

but I'm sure you'll do better than I have :)

cheers! andie said...

I love your song.
And I love you. I hope you're doing alright.
Know that I love you so so so much.

Whit said...

I used to be a big time runner in high school. I wasn't on cross country or anything, I just "enjoyed it". Oh to be young again!
Now, my knees hurt, my back hurts, and my lung hurts for about 2 days after I go for a jog.
And Im only 20.
It's looking to be a bright future for this body.
Good luck with your list :)

Heidi said...

Heidi, I think your list is absolutely perfect. I have been going to read Brothers.... for a long time, but still it sits on the to-read shelf. I need to walk. Your list could easily be mine! Have at it and enjoy. I don't think I have seen any England posts. Was it wonderful and did you love your classes? Love you, Aunt Heidi

Josh and Gloriana said...

go you! you can do it! Remember though- it's human to falter, so go easy on yourself. And if you mess up- forgive yourself and start again the next day. that's something that's on my "list". Go!

ConnieGirl said...

Yay! Good luck. Just be open to modifying your goals if they seem like too much.