Thursday, July 1, 2010

note of a melodic nature.


A powerful song
is one
that makes me remember
that never actually happened to me.

-Dallas Clayton

All right, does anyone have any good music to recommend? I've been living in a busy Provo bubble, and then a crazy London trip, and I have almost no new music except the sofabulousit'swack new Ingrid Michaelson album. Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty open in terms of style, I like almost anything. It would be muchly appreciated.


Heidi Lynn


rebecca said...

i saw brett dennen open last night for mat kearney. he was pretty good. annd has bright bright red hair

Michal said...

My playlist made especially for Heidi:

Gimme Sympathy - Metric
Girl - Beck
Life Magazine - Cold Cave
Happy Up Here - Royksopp
Fast Asleep - Voxtrot
Last Dance - The Ravonettes
Daylight - Matt and Kim

Some of them aren't super new but they're new to me, and they're my new favorites.

rebecca said...

um yes i'm going to comment again and that i fully support the above list. especially daylight. go watch that music video too. kim smiles the entire time!

rebecca said...

*and say

HeidiLynn said...

Love you guys! Thanks!

your favorite gandoLOVER said...

LOVE this quote!

marina and the diamonds is my current love, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes, the temper trap, rosi golan, first aid kit (Scandinavians represent! woot, woot!!), and andrew belle...

Libby said...

You should listen to:

>The new Hanson album (no joke!) "Shout it Out" (is "Musical Ride" my favorite?)
>Melanie for a good 70's vibe (especially "Brand New Key")
>God Save the Girl ("Come Monday Night" you will love)
>Holly Conlan ("You are Goodbye")
>Get Set Go ("Wait")
>Emily Jane White ("Time On Your Side")
>Maria Taylor ("Song Beneath the Song")
>Lykke Li ("I'm Good, I'm Gone")
>Rose Melberg ("Little Bird")
>Thriving Ivory ("Hey Lady" because, well.)
>Pete Yorn & Scarlette Johansson ("I Don't Know What to Do" surprisingly good)
>Mouth & MacNeal ("How Do You Do?" mm-hmm you would think la la la la)
>Coconut Records ("The Summer")
>Rufus Wainwrighty ("Sanssouci")
>Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs ("Wooly Bully" is secretly my absolute favorite song besides Dominic the Donkey)
>French Kicks ("Try Whining")
>Tristan Prettyman ("Hello")
>Coeur de Pirate ("ensemble")
>Sigur Ros ("All Alright")
Emiliana Torrini ("Jungle Drum")
BONUS>Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers ("New England")

And now I must go to bed (with sweet snoring Puppy!!)