Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh my life!

Here are some pictures that I am in love with right now.
I was born in the wrong time. I'm sure of it. Here are some pictures of what I prefer.

I saw this painting in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Isn't she the most fabulous?Dame Anna Neagle. Red headed actress. Me please? Also, I love the green toe of her shoe peeping out. So pretty.

This girl is amazing.

I'm looking for a retro style bikini. Probably not as bloomer-ish as this, but look how fabulous this woman is.
Holy long and lanky limbs batman. Gorgeous.
This is my favorite. These three are just the coolest of cool.
Check out the girl on the left. The smirk. The saddle shoes. The trousers. The bikini top. The pose. She's got it all. This picture is just too amazing. The composition of it, with the sign behind...
Is it possible to miss an era that I never lived in?

Last 4 pictures found on The Sartorialist.

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