Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'd like to tell you all about a little green herb that makes me feel riiiilll good...
Yes. Yes, you've guessed it.

Has there ever been anything as glorious as this plant? I submit that there is not. I now put cilantro in everything I make. Seriously. Ramen. So good. I put in on baby spinach with a little bit of lemon juice, and I don't need any more dressing than that! I put it in this chicken tikka-masala-type thing that I invented last Sunday.
It has become a staple in my fridge and life.
I shall probably name one of my children cilantro.
But, really.

Here are some more thoughts from my head, I guess. I know, boring, right?

When you get new music, do you ever feel this strange sort of guilt if you attach onto one song, listen to it over and over and neglect the others a bit?
I do that.
I feel like I have this obligation to the rest of the album, and I am not fulfilling it, and I also might be hurting the feelings of the other songs.

Also, I looked at the wig I'll be wearing for Stage Door. All I can say is, I will not look like Heidi. Good luck trying to find me onstage. It would take my own mother the whole show to find me. It's blonde. Like this dishwater, greenish, dull blonde. The wig is also made of real. human. hair. It give-a me the jeeblies. It's from Korea. It was once on the head of a woman from Korea...or man. I guess I don't really know. The history of that hair.

This was random and not very interesting. Sorry.

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