Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Try to remember the kind of september...

My life is turning all around right now. Here are some things that I am doing right now:

Taking a stage combat class....yes. Me. The girl who can hurt herself sitting on a couch, is taking a stage combat class. And injuring myself every day.

Trying to continue my running routine. I realize that I could run 4 miles. On an indoor track. In air-conditioning. At sea level. Yeah. Utah is pretty different. Also, running is a marvelous band-aid for a broken heart.

Learning that make-up is overrated.

Busting my bum in intermediate Irish dance. So hard. So worth it.
My niece is the most amazing. And I am endeavoring to have this kind of joy in my own life.
I've been cast in this play:

Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn are my favorite ever.
I'm playing a couple of the fun bantering girls in the boarding house.
If you haven't seen this movie. Run. Run and rent it.

I'm going to look like this.
Or this.
I wish.

And, get this, the whole play is going to be in BLACK AND WHITE.
You heard me.
You should come and see it.


Whit said...

Seriously, can we please do lunch soon?????

Anonymous said...

Keep posting girl! You are so fun to read. It REALLY brightens my day