Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Update of dates.

It's kind of funny how you put off blogging, and then there's just monumentally (or so it seems) too much to catch up on!

Well, here's a small update.
For those of you who don't know, which is probably no one who reads this blog, Kurt Russell Anderson proposed a proposal of marriage to me on March 31st! Just a few details...we were sitting on top of the van...yes, the van. It was perfect.
We're getting married July 2nd in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, which is roughly forty-six days...but who's counting? Since we both love the 4th of July, we want our wedding to be a lovely, vintage-y, casual, picnic-y, American-y affair...with nautical touches and a healthy helping of Spectre from Big Fish. Oh gosh, if it turns out like we're thinking, it's going to be so fun. Fun is the goal!
We have rented a beautiful apartment in Provo, south of BYU campus. It's amazing. It's beautiful. It's so. much. fun. (Pictures to come) We're painting right now, and imagining what we would do if we had money for any kind of furniture. The place is unfurnished, and right now what we have is a cute little table from DI. and a twin mattress on the floor of the bedroom for Kurt who has ended his homeless year and is intensely grateful for the shower, the kitchen, and the shelter. It's pretty nice to have a husband who has been homeless for a year, he's easily pleased.
We're both doing school this semester. I'm taking a couple of General education classes so that I'll be able to graduate next April. I thought I'd be all tough, and awesome, and blast myself with stress so that I could get it all out of the way...but oh. man. Taking American Heritage, and Family Finance, being in a play Anne Frank, trying to train for a new job (Wilkenson Center Jamba Juice, come visit!) and planning a wedding...I feel a little overwhelmed. Especially with these classes. Taking 2 classes that can be considered moderately difficult during the regular semester is one thing, squeezing all of that info into seven weeks is madness for my poor, sieve-like brain. I'm glad they'll be over quickly, but I may just barely survive.
I am counting the days. Lit'rally. I have this little page of squares in my notebook that I fill in every day, ticking off the days and weeks until the play and school will be over, and until I can get hitched! Phew. It can't come soon enough.

I have a few enticements and rewards for myself waiting at the end of the semester! I'm going to buy myself a big bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears, Kurt, being the amazingly wonderful man he is, got us tickets to see Ray LaMontagne and Brandi Carlile in June, bridal showers and family fun...oh, and a little thing called Eternal Marriage to The Most Wonderful Man on the Earth. Ugh. Can't wait.

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