Sunday, March 27, 2011

Father Goose Fashion

ok, so the new thing is daily fashion blogs. There are a lot of cute mormon ones, and here's a plug for my gorgeous and enviably fashionable friend Rebecca Hammond. Goodness gracious, she's amazing.Anyways, so in my internet travels through these blogs, there are a bunch of wonderful trends that I am totally loving right now, the topknot hairstyle being one. (I am starting to wear the topknot alllll the time. I have enough hair for it! Let the rejoicings rejoice! It took a minute to get used to, and a minute to convince myself I didn't look like Miss Stacy. But I love it hard now.)
Anyways, in my Dialects class (Yes, DIALECTS! You get to learn and speak in accents without being obnoxious or pretentious! Best thing EVER.)
Anyways, our teacher always shows us movie clips when we're starting a new dialect. Last week we started French, and we were watching a clip of the delightful "Father Goose" with the wonderful Cary Grant and the gorgeous Leslie Caron.

I wish I could find this clip for you because it is hilarious, and she gets drunk and he's charming as always, but I noticed that the exquisite Leslie Caron's outfit and hairstyle are basically the height of fashion right now.

Just look. Look!
I love it! And it just goes to show you that fashion is timeless!

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Mary Jane Smith said...

I love this movie! I'll have to get it again and watch it.