Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night I went to see the BYU BFA student showcase for the seniors in the acting and musical theatre programs, and all I have to say
This is one incredibly talented group of people, and I have to say that the casting directors in LA and NYC will be impressed with what they see.
My brother, Murphy, was incredible!  He sang "If I Loved You" from Carousel, and totally made me cry!  His voice is so wonderful, and I hadn't heard him sing for such a long time, it was so great to see how much he has improved.  His monologue "Bigfoot stole my wife" is probably one of the funnier things I've ever seen.  I think that he will be famous some day!  
While I was at the showcase, I recognized a woman whose blog I read regularly.  She is a working actress in NYC and is also LDS.  I love reading her blog because, not only is it really entertaining, she is an inspiration to me as an aspiring actress.  My friend Mariah's parents own the LDS online magazine, Meridian , and she had been wanting to contact this woman about linking her blog to the magazine.  We went up to talk to her, and it was a little funny meeting this woman whose journal I basically read everyday.  She was wonderful and sweet, and when I told her that Murphy was my brother she talked about how talented and great he was and how marketable he was.  She said that she had been going to tell her friends in casting about him, specifically.  So exciting!
The show was so much fun, I loved every piece, and every student was really well showcased, and their specific talents were all put on display.  Watching this show made me simultaneously extremely excited for the future, and intimidated to the extreme.  It made me want to see the future, and to see if I ever get on the BFA acting track, and if I'll ever do this showcase.  I have my second round of proficiencies for the acting track next week!  Excited AND scared!  

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