Monday, April 27, 2009

Who says you can't go home?

I do. Sometimes. No, not really. It's just weird being back home after a year of living on my own in a completely different and new life, with completely different and new people and situations. It's strange to think that after a short eight months, I got so used to my little BYU freshman way of life and the people in it, that coming back to the place I've lived for 18 years of my life is difficult. Not really difficult, but strange. I've loved seeing my parents again, having my own room is fun, I've made best friends with our new DVR, I have a delicious pile of 7 library books to dive into, and we are going to NYC twice this week. It was also fun seeing some friends and some people in my ward. (not to mention I would be lying if I said that seeing people after you've lost weight is pretty fun) I was asked all the usuals: Major, marital and dating status. what my plans for the summer were. Funny thing is, I already have a calling. Back in the ward for one hour and I had been called to be the primary music leader, which should be a fun challenge. Luckily for me, my mother has been in this calling at least once and still has all the materials. This will be my first "grown-up" calling in this ward, so that will be interesting as well.
Walking onto the campus of the school that I spent 14 years of my life attending and my whole life involved in, gave me the shivers. At one point I had this split-second funny panicky feeling that maybe this whole past wonderful school year had never even happened, and I was back at Hamden Hall, trapped! It's funny but I guess I never really realized how unhappy I had been until I was happy. Not really unhappy, but not happy. It's been fun to tell people about my experience at BYU and how much I've grown. It's been a really great opportunity for me to bear my testimony, which I am really grateful for. Coming back has really been full of mixed emotions both bitter and sweet. I think this will be an interesting summer.

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