Friday, October 30, 2009


You are the best. Unbeatable. Indestructible. The number one champion of everyone around.

You will never be fooled. Never bested. Never bruised. No one even comes close to the scope of your glory.

You are the greatest. Period. So long as you don’t leave your bedroom.

-Dallas Clayton

Lately I've been really up and down in terms of my self esteem. A good day in my improv class or rehearsal can send it soaring into believing that I really am a good actress, and will, someday make it into the acting program here. Then a day of thinking too hard, of comparing too hard, and of fearing too hard and send me plummeting back down into the land of "I'll never make it." From the lack of real challenges in my life, I've developed an attitude of "if it's too hard, I'll just quit." I haven't really taken that route this semester, and really have found the benefits and drawbacks of hard work.

I've just got to keep working hard.

That's all.

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