Friday, October 9, 2009

Luck is on my side...?

So, I've been having a run of really good luck lately. I've been doing pretty well in my classes (minus Astronomy...) I've been cast in a good mask club, a very interesting platform piece written, directed and acted by great and talented friends, and I got called back for a Christmas Carol at the Hale. I've got great friends, my skin is clearing up a little, the weather is chilly. Things are good. This morning, however, as my roommate, Mariah and I were walking to school, a black cat started walking toward us. We stopped to see what would happen, and if the cat would cross our path. The cat walked deliberately toward us, walked directly in front of me, over my feet, and then went straight between us, leaving Mariah completely untouched.

Great. Let's see what happens now.

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Jylare said...

ha ha that is great. Can't wait to hear about the christmas carol!