Sunday, January 24, 2010


In the words of the Weepies:
"I don't know why it takes so long. I cut my hair, then grow it back. First the thought, and then the act."

I'm applying this quote very literally.
My hair is taking FOR. EVER. to grow out, and I am cutting it all off, the way it was at the beginning of the school year.

I really want this:
But as my hair is lovely and mullet-y, and always in a tiny ponytail, affectionately referred to as "Lil' Nubbins" with my long grown out greasy bangs pinned across my greasy forehead, every single day, and this is a run-on sentence, but my hair is gross right now, and I want to feel pretty again. And it's boring to have ponytail every day, am I right? Even if it's one as tiny as Lil' Nubbins
(Also, in a slightly ashamed undertone, I will state that this short hair makes me stand out and be unique from the crowd of long haired girls at BYU. And being in a program like the Theater one, this can only help me.)
So hopefully sometime this week it will look something like this again:

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