Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Edarem.

Really though. Meet him.
This was my first introduction to this man, sent to me by my pretend sister Libby.

that's him. Has there ever been anything scarier in this world?
Just today, I wanted to show my friend this video and found a myriad of other "edarem" videos.
and found this little gem
Make sure you watch the whole thing.

With a little further investigation I found about 100 more videos of him doing things like grinding axes, dancing with his dogs, demonstrating funny walks and singing along to everything from "You'll Never Walk Alone" to "Pretty Woman" to Marilyn Manson.
The hilarity of this strange man now has turned to pathos.
A little more investigation led me to a series of videos that had just text on them.
These videos were pleading for help for Ed, and asking his viewers to send him money to hire a good lawyer to overturn his 5 year prison sentence.
It turns out that his youtube videos were a parole violation from a previous conviction of sexual crime.
Crazy. and sad.
This wasn't intended to be such of a downer. I just wanted to share this delightful oddity of a man and the tiny portion of his interesting story that I've discovered.
Here's one last Ed video. Seriously check him out. You can't believe he's real.


Mary Jane Smith said...

He needs to play Fagin!

Michal said...

I first ran into this man on KSL. There was a news story about him. Apparently, his previous crime was of a pedophiliac nature... He's a child molester.

Doesn't he just look like a child molester?!

The thing is, if someone told me he was just slightly insane, but a wonderful grandfather, and made the best molasses cookies, I would have beleived them.

He's just so on the edge that he could go either way.

Too bad he chose the scary way.

(sorry for this novel.)