Saturday, August 29, 2009

All Set!

School starts on
I can't say that I'm ready but at least I'm prepared. My schedule is all set, my room is unpacked, my books have been purchased, my voice lessons have finally been scheduled, and I feel prepared. Whether or not I feel ready is another story. My roommate, Mariah and I attended a film premiere for several short BYU films, and saw many BYU theatre students there. We returned, completely stressed out with the pressures of the program weighing us down, feeling completely un-prepared for the coming semester, major-wise. It's been seriously so fun seeing friends from last year, and playing around Provo with them. Here are some pictures of my most recent adventures, and of my tiny tiny room.
Our new home!! In the Colon(y)

We are SO excited to move in!
Unpacking proves to be a challenge...
When you get the smallest room, and it's smaller than your dorm room from freshman year.
But we have hangers!

Oh well! School here I come!!!!


Stacie said...

Heidi! I'm in the colony too!! What apartment are you in? I'm in should stop by sometime real real soon! Can't wait to see you!

Josh and Gloriana said...

did you get your hairs cut by my girl? It looks cute!

HeidiLynn said...

Stacie: I'm in 320, the very last apartment on the left side of the street! I'll stop by sometime!
G: I did get my hair cut, I looked up your salon, and it's been moved and it's now called Salon K, so I just made an appointment with a random girl, and I really really liked her!

Josh and Gloriana said...

holy crap- i lived in 326 and erin, andi, barbie and emily lived in 322. this is madness. the ciiiircle of liiiiiiffe!!!!