Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Juliet didn't wear zit cream...

So, don't think that I'm not a romantic. I am. Really. Anyone who knows me knows that I treasure all things pertaining to romance, even if they are hopelessly heavy-handed and cheesy. It all still gives me a thrill. However, as I was getting ready for bed tonight, a thought came into my mind that I've had several times before. If a boy that I was in love with made a big romantic gesture and threw pebbles at my window, waking me up for a nighttime surprise, I would consider it the worst thing ever. No make-up, zits everywhere with a healthy dose of zit cream, hair pinned back and raggedy pajamas isn't exactly glamorous. Even if he loved me enough to still think I looked pretty, I would be self conscious enough to ruin the whole experience. I would really be humiliated. I would be especially humiliated if I had been asleep for a while, because this new short hair cut gives me some marvelously cracked out bed-head. Like, little kid bed-head. I'm always astounded when I wake up in the morning to see the new and stunning creation on top of my head. I hope that any boy who knows me well enough to date me would understand this, and NEVER make that romantic gesture so often referred to in plays, movies, books and songs. Never.

This was random. But, I'm exhausted, and sometimes my thoughts don't work too clearly.
That's all (Bah Mariah!)

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Whit said...

Yeah, that has never sounded romantic to me. I hate being woken up in the first place. It would not be a pretty sight.

So much for romance, huh? haha!