Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hellooo London.

Here I am. London, England.
I'm loopy as can be.
I've basically been up since Tuesday morning. I could not sleep on the plane. I can never sleep on planes. So I watched The Young Victoria, New Moon and Whip It for those seven hours instead.
Now, I'm paying for it. I feel like my body is rolling in circles, and is on an elevator going up and down.
But I'm here in London!
I've bought London groceries, I've breathed London fumes, I've ridden in a London cab. I've gazed upon the amazing street my flat is on!
Our flat is right across the street from beautiful Hyde Park. I can't wait to explore. But maybe I'll wait until the room stops spinning. Might be a good idea. I should shower. But that would take effort. I should unpack. That would also take effort. Basically, my fingers are the only things that feel like moving right now.
I still don't really feel like I've left America, though. It's kind of funny. Maybe it'll take a day or two to set in.
My flat is on the 5th floor. Atop a set of stairs. My, won't my bum be looking nice at the end of six weeks?
It really is beautiful here. I can't wait to get settled in and in a schedule, and start exploring and wandering and playing! Woohoo! I'm here!
Love to you all.
The Little Redhaired (Ginger) Girl

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