Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remember this?

I may or may not be speaking specifically to one
R. Anderson, but also to all girls specifically my age when I say:
Remember this?
(Watch all the way to the end, or skip a little. I swear it's worth it)
There is just so much about this video that links me directly back to my pre-teendom.
-The big orange toggle pants and baseball shirts (so hip),-
the industry-cooked-up-pop-group (can't you see some big fatcat producer, chomping on a stogie, saying:
"We gotta get in on this boy band thing, but get this: Let's make em real boys!)
-the dance moves including the swinging of arms and wild, mildly ghetto gesturing.
And really 12 year old boy? Really?
"You are the one and only, and I'm the lost and lonely."
I'm so sure.
This made me laugh so hard.
The shirt blowing back off of the tank top? The checking out of girls?
The bleached hair? The pure pre-pubescence of these boys?
Does anyone remember that their primary exposure was on the INFOMERCIAL that advertised their CD?
aaaaahahahaha. Best ever.
Also...I may or may not know all the words.
Who said that?

P.S. LOOK! Followers! People read this drivel? Also, pretend not to notice that I'm accidentally following my own blog, and don't know how to unfollow it.

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rebecca said...

hahahahahahahahahahahhhaha!!! oh my that was simply the best part of my day. and i've had a good day. i laughed through that whole thing. that one part when jesse is like "hooo oo hoooo!" all high and stuff. man. so funny. and remember when we would try and learn their dance moves!? soooo good. what a gem heidi lynn. what a gem.