Friday, April 16, 2010

So What?

Well, so what if I want to watch this movie every day of my life?

So what if it makes me want to be married to someone who is the butter to my bread and the breath to my life, and cook for them, and that's it?
I hope my future husband is as patient with me as Movie Julie Powell's husband was with her. He put up with a lot, my husband will have to, too.

So what if it specifically makes me want to be married to Stanley Tucci, who I already loved immensely, anyways?
Seriously, who couldn't love that man?
And these two women? I couldn't love them more.
They are two of my absolute favorite actresses.
Meryl Streep is absolutely incredible in this role. Because of Julia Child's cartoonish persona that has been so often parodied in comedy sketches and radio shows (Prarie Home Companion, anyone?) the performance, by anyone else could have turned into caricature. It wasn't. It was maybe the most endearing performance ever. It was honest, lovely, full of joy and just so so good. She baffles me with her talent.
Also, people have been telling me all year long, for a while about once a day that I was exactly like Amy Adams in this movie. Now it's probably because I have short red hair, but I still think it's flattering. I adore her. Also my hair in its starting-to-grow-out stages is marvelously awkward, and starting to look like her gross short hair wig from the movie, all long in the back and weird.

But, hey, if Amy can still be cute, so can I, dangit!

Anyways, I just wanted to share one of the things that is making me happy right now. Oh gosh. It's on netflix instant watch. And I watch it instantly. All the time. Happyhappyhappy.

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rebecca said...

oo i have netflix. and i haven't seen this one yet! yess! though i don't know how jason will feel about that. hah