Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thoughty thoughts

Here are some thoughts:

My apartment should be a reality show.
Six girls.
One is about to be engaged while living in the very same apartment that her mother did when she, herself, got engaged.
One is desperately in love with her boyfriend and is two weeks away from being separated from him, by several continents, for four whole months.
One is departing for Thailand to teach Thai children to speak English and to make a documentary about human trafficking.
One is in a serious relationship while still quite in love with a missionary who also seems to be perfect for her.
One is re-entering into what seems to be a borderline emotionally abusive relationship and is about to leave for Jerusalem.
One is trying to figure out her life, especially her relationship with a boy who is in love with her.
Five of us are in relationships.
Three of us are headed overseas.
Two of us have uncertain academic futures.
All of us are struggling to figure out what the heck is going to happen to us.
Would you watch? I think I would. It might be annoying though. My character would be, anyway.

More thoughts:
-I leave for London in two weeks. I'm terrified. I'm excited. It doesn't seem real yet, and might not until I arrive at Heathrow Airport on April 28th at 7AM.
-Friends are wonderful. House shows are fun. Talented friends are the most best.
exhibit A.
It was a good night.
-I cannot seem to control my eating habits. I have about zero percent self control or will power when it comes to eating things. It's beginning to scare me.
-I currently have in my purse one of those big clear bottles of fruity antacid chewable tablets. Like the kind your grandmother has in her bathroom. Yes. In my purse. I had 8 today. My stomach hates me. Or more accurately hates food. Hates the food that I indiscriminately stuff, without pause, down my gullet.
-I've decided that if I don't get into the BFA acting program, it's not such a big deal. I feel peace.

Here are some funny things:
My costume for As You Like It included these babies...The most high waisted jeans. ever.
Hot, right? They created, what we so lovingly referred to as "Dinner Plate Bum."

Also these videos are things that have made me laugh lately:
Also, this top one has a warning PG13 for language!

And last but certainly not least, everyone look at my niece. Look how beautiful she is.
(Whitney, can she and Dade get married and have the doubly most beautiful babies ever?)

Anyways, this has been the longest post ever. Love you all who read this blog! Thanks for the time. I really appreciate it. I do.


Whit said...

Soo...which character are you?
I think I've got a pretty good guess.
Dang, we have some chattin to do sometime!
And yes....I showed Dade her picture and he started screaming happy screams. I don't speak baby but if I did I would think he said, "D*** girl!!!!"
1 thing, lets introduce them POST mission so they don't have the issues we have. Deal?

HeidiLynn said...

I'm actually not the one that you think. haha the two weeks until London was the hint...and YES seriously. Dade and Scarlett will be the most beautiful couple in the world.

rebecca said...

a) those pants are hot
b) i can't get over how gorgeous this baby is. i think i comment on every picture i see of her

Julie said...

Heidi!! I like you!! Thank you for following me. Those jeans...should probably be worn at your wedding, and for all the major life events you ever have. Haaaaawt.