Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Awesome Things

I don't know if any of your are familiar with this blog 1000 Awesome Things, but this blog, in itself, is awesome.
Here are some of the things on the blog, that I agree are especially awesome:
#995 Finding money you didn’t even know you lost
Oh man, finding a $20 in your old jeans? Best feeling ever.
#992 Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding
#973 Sleeping in new bed sheets
Glorious. Especially if it's summer time, and the sheets are cool, and especially, especially if you've just shaved your legs.
#966 Living with someone who doesn’t mind killing spiders
Oh man. I've got to find me one of these. My dad is the spider hero of my life back here in CT.
#959 Planning for snoozes
Haha, I set four alarms in the morning, starting at least half an hour before i actually have to get up. It makes no sense really. The BEST thing ever, is when you forget and set your alarm on a weekend, or a day you can sleep late, and you jolt up, thinking you have to be somewhere, and then you can just smile, and lay back down and conk out.
#954 Rain hair
Only good on those rare occasions when it looks like what my friends and I call "movie rain hair," you know the kind. It's the kind that gets you kissed.
#946 The first shower you take after not showering for a really long time
For the people who know me, I am a compulsive shower-er, but on those rare occasions (Pioneer Trek: 1 week, 1st year of girls camp: 1 week) it's close to being the best feeling ever.

#941 The Universal Fry-Sharing Policy
I love french fries. End of story.
#937 The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk
Like summer time.
#933 The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter
This is amazingly satisfying.
#930 Finally getting a piece of popcorn that’s been stuck in your teeth all day out
When your favorite food is popcorn, this tends to happen alot. and, oh man, it is one of the best feelings ever. Victory dance worthy, even.
#918 When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you
Cozy cozy!
#912 Hanging your hand out the window of a car
One of my favorite things to do.
#908 Peeling an orange in one shot
This only happens with those baby, easy-to-peel clementines for me.
#905 Using all the different shampoos and soaps in someone else’s shower
Shampoo buffet, so much fun!
#904 When you manage to squeeze enough toothpaste out for one last brush
Another victory dance.
#901 Flipping through the entire bank of posters at the mall when you need to kill time
#899 The smell of frying onions
For me, this evokes memories of coming home from school, watching Wishbone and Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? and then coming backupstairs to my parents cooking dinner and listening to NPR.
#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited
Sweet, sweet relief.
#895 Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail
I just love this so much.
#892 Taking your shoes and socks off after a really long day
Barefoot is how I'd like to live.
#886 High fiving babies
#883 Ugly actors
Refreshing. Also Steve Buscemi, enough said.
#878 The smell and sound of a campfire
#876 Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours
Even more sweet, sweet relief.
#870 When you get the milk to cereal ratio just right
#862 The Laugh Echo
When something funny happens, and you remember it later, and laugh out loud again, causing those around you to look at you like you're crazy. The laugh echo happens to me all the time, generally at inappropriate times like, during church, or a test. Nevertheless, still one of my favorite things ever.
Wow there are a lot. So many awesome things. I'll do more later.


Mariah "Sniggs" said...

I LOVE this, though I must admit that I don't think #870 has EVER happened to me, oh ODing on Marshmallow Maties trying to find the balance...

HeidiLynn said...

we will always have marshmallow mateys in our apartment next year. always.

Brita said...

This is so wonderful. It's always the little things that make life beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to another great blog.