Thursday, May 14, 2009


I missed Youtube while I was living on BYU campus. Needless to say with my jobless solitary life, I have been making up for lost time with good ol' youtube. I have recently completely fallen in love with this song "Run Away With Me" from the musical "The Unauthorized Biography of Samantha Brown." I first heard it at the BYU Senior showcase. The guy who sang it did an amazing job, and I totally loved the song. When I got back I looked it up on youtube, and found a few performances of it. I absolutely loved these two. The actor in me really loved seeing the different interpretations of the song. It's a really good acting piece, as well as being a great song. I think the guy in the first video, Michael Arden acts it amazingly. The momen he snaps into character is so cool to see. He brings this wonderful vulnerability and absolute honesty to the song. This one just blows me away.

The guy in the second video, Aaron Tveit has a great voice, and maybe sings the song a little better, but doesn't act it quite as well. But it's still a great performance.

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