Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things that make me happy at the moment.

1. Prayer
2. My bed (more specifically, my amazing mattress)
3. Pickles, and chopping them up and putting them in tuna. YUM!
4. The tarp outside my window. I can go to bed and wake up listening to the rain on it eveyday. It's like waking up inside a tent when it's raining, only a little bit more comfy, because of the aforementioned, amazing mattress.
5. Crying at romance movies (and TV)
6. A new haircut
7. My new ruffledy dress
8. Making money by sitting at home in my PJs and talking on the phone
9. Finding life lessons in the Alice in Wonderland play at the middle school right now
10. Planning possible road trips with my parents

happy, happy, happy!

1 comment:

Brita said...

tell the secret of how you make money while talking on the phone!!! haha...maybe that wouldn't work out for me, I'm a terribly awkward phone person. anyway, love this list and miss you Heidi!